I am so heartbroken right now, but I will post this picture of me smiling to make it okay. haha… kill me.

For real though.

Talk to someone, talk to me, talk to anyone :)

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"All the boys say I’m ugly."


  • So,
  • Listen...
  • I haven't been on here in like 3048543789 years. My life got crazy after I went on that cruise, and suddenly I was buying things for college and meeting my roommate, and well... here I am...
  • So, I want to know how you guys are? How I can get more followers? How I can please you all immensely. Jesus it's been forever. I'm currently procrastinating on studying for an exam. HAHA.
  • So anyways, I will be posting some more music stuff. I went to a Coldplay concert over the summer. and I will never experience anything as amazing as that was. OMG. I started crying it was just so amazing... Anywho,
  • Let me know what you guys want me to blog, and stuff... and help me get more followers!
  • Love you,
  • Bex

hi friends. I’m back, and lets start by doing a Q&A. Ask me anything :) :) :)

SO I MET PETE WENTZ TODAYY!!!! 7th grade dreams do come true.

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"I’m only human, I’ve got a skeleton in me. But I’m not the villain, despite what you’re always preaching. ”

My life in a nutshell right now.



  • Can someone please help me get music onto my blog? Idk how to do it and I think it looks really awesome to have music playing on it. SOMEONE HELP MEEEE!
  • Like, where can I put an mp3 on or what not?

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